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Otter Bash!!! The Otters have escaped their habitat and are now wreaking havoc for world dominance. Battle your friends with the cute and adorable little critters. Destroy your opponents with unique weapons; dousing each other with Tar Balloons, smack them with the nifty Taco Boomerang, shove them into your "Portable Oven" and see them roast!!

No Otters were hurt in this production.

The game can be purchased on Steam,,Gamejolt

Agony bound is a top-down resource management game where the player is charged with looking after a family of four driving through the distorted apocalyptic world.

In an instant, a flash, reality has been twisted into a madness. Colossal otherworldly monsters roam the streets and force the once civil populace on to desperate action. A small family drives through the suffering their world has become. Helping others in need or surviving themselves. Building new hope or knocking down illusions. Saving the many or saving an important few.

The player drives from town to town trying to find food, water and keep the car running for their family. The player does this by searching empty buildings and interacting with the people of that area. The player will also need keep the car together by avoiding monsters and crashing into obstacles.

Agony bound will seed procedurally generated encounters within the world map to make the player's story different every time they start a new game.

Agony bound will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, and PlayStation 4.


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